Press Release

22 March 2020

Press Release

MarkJ: Welcome to Hero’s Journal, where we interview Heros at the end of their journey. This week we welcome Ford Ford. Ford is a part of the class of 2016-2017.

Ford, How did you find us?

Ford: My first social call after the second chemo series was to hear a network marketing pitch. The venture was so new we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We got in anyway; I see the compounding effect possible in network marketing.

I was in a network marketing company, and I was looking for a better way to build that business. I found Eric Worre and Richard Brooke. I had been on your site, but had moved along. Richard Brooke endorsed you on his Facebook page. I followed the lead and stayed. Your skill-based approach attracted me. After many weeks of reading your work it also became clear to me that you were not trying to up-sell me; that your stuff really was free. I did many of your exercises: reading the Law of Compensation every day for a month, the Mental Diet, the clipboard at events. I bought your book Standing Tall (recommended; shameless plug) and was working thru it when Master Key Master Mind Alliance opened in September of 2016. I signed on.

MarkJ: What was your Hero’s call? What did you hear?

Ford: I love me in MLMs. I try to grow on purpose. I read more. Mach II by Richard Brooke, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Standing Tall by Mark Januszewski during its launch, Crucial Conversations and Change Anything by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler. You take the best work of those guys and package it very nicely (shameless plug for MKMMA; recommended).

MarkJ: Mahalo.

Ford: I heard the call to self discover, not self help. That I would learn how to think, not what to think. That I could learn to program my subconscious.

MarkJ: Tell us about the development of your Definite Major Purpose.

Ford: My definite major purpose took a long time to develop. I threw the first drafts away after about a month; started fresh. From a DMP standpoint, I was behind. I was even on the reading and other exercises—even writing a blog. Comments and the blog and twitter were the hardest exercises for me in the beginning. Then I built a pattern, then a habit. Mahalo for the push. I would not have done it had it not been a requirement.

MarkJ: You did the work.

Ford: Yes, I did the work. With great emotional resistance at times. Subby does not like to lose control.

MarkJ: What was the hardest moment? The moment of decision?

Ford: That happened during the MKMMA signup process. You require comments on your blog. I had to open a Facebook account (ouch). Then I had to leave a comment. I’ve been a lurker as long has there have been blogs. I watched during the early days of the Comment Wars. I side with the My-blog-is-for-my-writing-Your-blog-is-for-your-writing camp. It was a hard thing to comment and commit; a hard thing. Personal growth requires change on occasion. I wrote the comment.

MarkJ: Tell us about Haleakala on your Definite Major Purpose.

Ford: My Personal Pivotal Needs are True Health and Spiritual Growth. To promote True Health, my smart goal was to ride my tricycle up Haleakala, the volcano on Maui, Hawaii. In the surf at 6am and at the summit by noon. That’s 0 to 10,000 feet in about 40 miles; or 0 to 3,000 meters in just under 60 kilometers. Most people watch the sunrise at the top and then ride a bike down; coast, really, no peddling required; just good brakes. “See you at the top” would prove to me that I am healthy and vigorous; recovered from cancer.

It was an easy ride; well, easy in the way that I was well prepared and did not suffer extraordinarily. My legs are strong, my lungs are clear, my mind is firm. I can do this! I had great help from my grandchildren. Each one helped me by handing me food or water and taking empty water bottles. The reunion at the top was big-time fun.

MarkJ: Tell us about Beach Days.

Ford: I love throwing and catching frisbees. I throw and catch even when I am alone. Three frisbees: throw, throw, throw, catch, throw, catch, throw… rinse, repeat. The beach has sand, the best surface to fall on, and wind; light, consistent wind is the most fun. Throwing and catching is a holiday for me; big-time fun. I also burn a lot of stress. It’s hard work. Great for my lungs physically, my heart physically and emotionally, and my head mentally. Multiple disks are terrific for focus; if I do not pay attention BOOM I get hit in the head.

MarkJ: (laughs)

Ford: It happens. Walking on the beach having a long discussion with myself has been very helpful in guiding my life. Next best is at 35,000 feet, looking out the window. I prefer the beach; it’s easier to hear me think. Beach is best.

MarkJ: Tell us about magic happens.

Ford: I told you I had read Tolle’s The Power of Now. I did not know how to stay there. Getting there is… well, Subby figured it out—how to do it consistently on demand. It’s a skill. It can be learned. When it is learned, it can become a habit. I have that habit. I am its slave. This is a good habit. This is my will. There is peace and joy in the now. Recommended.

MarkJ: What is the difference between Now and Holy of Holies within?

Ford: Now, being in the moment, is about process, it’s about surrender or acceptance. Focus helps; every/any distraction pulls me out of the moment; but focus is not enough. Focus and surrender lead to the Now. Then I am lead to a place where the Divine is. That is the Holy of Holies.

MarkJ: What did you learn on your Hero’s Journey?

Ford: Faith is seeing with the mind’s-eye and working to make it so. The work is mental as well as physical, maybe more so.

Helping others hear the Hero’s call and helping them develop the team to complete the mission is what you do best, MarkJ. Mahalo.

MarkJ: Mahalo, Ford.

Well, that wraps up another Hero’s Journal. Peace be the journey.