Week 17 HJ

I work much better when I work on attack. I am on attack more consistently when I have enough sleep, when I am hydrated, and when I take regular, timed breaks.

I do not have much energy in reserve when I get less than enough sleep and work to hard to drink and take breaks; when the immediate problem is solved, I go into rebellion and simply wait for the next unscheduled emergency.

You would think that I would begin to recognize the pattern… (written after 11pm; and I am under watered.)

Numbers from the stationary trike: 332 calories, 9.19 distance, 30:00 minutes. 2017-01-28.
Provo while I was on the trike: 24F, partly cloudy.
Paia while I was on the trike: 75F, mostly cloudy.


About masterkeyfordford

I live and work in Provo, Utah.
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