Week 15

While on the stationary trike today…

During my first peak effort, the recorded DMP was (with enthuuusiam) saying, “I am energized by riding my tricycle up Haleakala on 03 October 2017. I am in the surf at 6am and at the summit by noon. My legs are strong, my lungs are clear, my mind is firm. I can do this! I am happy, healthy, and vigorous.”

Future Self: you are welcome.

During the last recover before the last peak effort, while I was looking at a picture of the surf at Paia, a map of Haleakala, and a picture of the summit, the DMP was exclaiming, “I can do this! … I can do this! … I can do this!”

Past Self: thank you.

I improve my average everyday. Today’s peak effort is August’s warm up. I can get there from here.

Numbers from the stationary trike: 331 calories, 9.16 distance, 30:00 minutes. 2017-01-07.
Provo while I was on the trike: 24F, partly cloudy (snow on the way).
Paia while I was on the trike: 75F, partly cloudy.

Terrific story about insight and give more get more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-sell-combs-monks-joshua-chua


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I live and work in Provo, Utah.
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4 Responses to Week 15

  1. mkdeanna says:

    Ooooo, I love it. This is awesome news! You can get there from here. Love that! Great post. Thanks for sharing Ford.


  2. mkdeanna says:

    I love the comb story in the link you posted. very cool!!


  3. My girlfriend, Kelli, cycled up Haleakala a couple of years ago – you are creating an amazing experience for your future self Ford!


  4. Sarah Dooley says:

    Loved how you included the dialogue with the future/past self. Awesome!


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