Week 14

I watched October Sky.

Homer Hickam’s purpose in life was set when he saw Sputnik.
He recruited the local geek and two lunch buddies into his posse.
The science teacher supplied a vital piece: a national science fair with scholarships for the winners.

Purpose: Help the country get to space.
Plan: Build a rocket, win the national science fair, go to college on a scholarship, and work for Wernher von Braun.
Posse: Two lunch buddies and a geek.
Posture [Positive Mental Attitude]: We can choose to attach any feeling to any thought.

Purpose + Plan + Posse + Posture = Persistence.


Numbers from the stationary trike: 205 calories, 5.68 distance, 20:00 minutes. 2016-12-30.
Temperature in Paia while I was on the trike: 70F.


What we think about grows; what we forget atrophies. From the atrophy department…

Audacious claim of the week:

When you understand that teachers must be learners and learners must teach others, when you understand how learner/teachers frame knowledge and create experience, you can tap important sources of energy and power in yourself and in others.

Learning & Teaching for Exponential Growth
A Three Person Problem.
Susan Peterson Gong.
p 6.


Numbers from the stationary trike: 226 calories, 6.25 distance, 22:00 minutes. 2016-12-31.
Paia while I was on the trike: 70F, rain. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
Provo while I was on the trike: 19F, mostly cloudy. Happy New Year!


1. Establish yourself in the reality of now through meditation. Meditation brings the mind closer and closer to the experience of its source, which is timeless.
2. Place a value on becoming detached. Your true self is a witness that doesn’t get stuck in drama or distracted by the stickiness of strong momentary experiences.
3. Don’t fall for the voice in your head. No matter what it says to influence you, repeat these words: “That’s the past. I am not that person anymore.”
4. Don’t buy into second-hand opinions.
5. Don’t accept other people’s stories about you. whether the story is good or bad–usually it’s mixed–the overall effect is to put you in a box, which is more for their comfort than anything else.



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3 Responses to Week 14

  1. mkdeanna says:

    Teachers must be learners and learners must teach others.. YES!!! Great post Ford! Happy New Year!


  2. I like the way you outline and post the highlights from the lesson and what you are accomplishing in various areas of your life like exercise.


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