Week 9

The assignment this week is to imagine the life of a flower from seed to bloom. It is a hard assignment for me.

I do not see well with my eyes closed; I have known of this limitation for many years.

When I use my imagination, the harder I try the less I see. I have learned about the Law of Relaxation: mental effort defeats itself. So this week I am using my imagination but not trying, while focusing on seeing. It is a hard assignment. I see progress.

I have experienced periods of effortless eyes open vivid imagination, so I know by experience it is possible. The chemo protocol is called R-CHOP. Each letter represents a chemical; R is for the ruby red one; very pretty to look at; nasty stuff; the nurse puts on protective clothing to hand-administer this one. I had the gift of imagining, at will, what I wanted to see, big-screen movie quality, after the first two or three infusions for the first two or three days; diminishing returns. Hint: probably in concert with benadryl. I experienced this effect during both my chemos.


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I live and work in Provo, Utah.
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5 Responses to Week 9

  1. I am sorry you are undergoing chemotherapy and I understand and appreciate your applying the law of dual thought, “R is for the ruby red one; very pretty to look at; nasty stuff;..”. I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy outcome. Thankyou for sharing your reflections.


  2. Ford Ford says:

    I am sorry I was not more clear. First chemo was in 2009. Radiation in 2011. Second chemo in 2013. Thanks for the prayers; they are always helpful.


  3. My apologies for misunderstanding … hopefully you have full remission and are back to throwing and catching frisbees 🙂


  4. mkdeanna says:

    Germinating the seeds and the bloom is growing… You are doing great Ford.
    I see and feel it when I read your words. Thank you for sharing. Mahalo


  5. mkmmadaniel says:

    I’m sorry you have to go through all this with the Chemo and what not. I think now a days no ones life has been left untouched by cancer :(… I will say be extra patient with yourself… give yourself room… Dealing with the Chemo and what not may create a fog and the momentum may take longer to build. Persistence encourages Success!


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