Week 8

8-17 The next step is to place yourself in position to receive this power. As it is Omnipresent, it must be within you. We know that this is so because we know that all power is from within, but it must be developed, unfolded, cultivated; in order to do this we must be receptive, and this receptivity is acquired just as physical strength is gained, by exercise.

And this from Og Mandino: In silence and to myself I address him and say I Love You; I Bless You.

Buckle up, kids. We are on the roller coaster.

I form good habits and become their slave.


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I live and work in Provo, Utah.
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2 Responses to Week 8

  1. mkmmadaniel says:

    I can certainly feel the momentum building inside of myself… I feel a huge sense of freedom unfolding in me knowing I have the power and focus to achieve anything…. this is such a beautiful process of unfolding!


  2. mkmmadaniel says:

    I noticed that when we changed the tense of the second scroll from Will .. to a statement of ‘now’ I saw a surge in the power of the scroll.. It really is a roller coaster.. My energy is becoming so focused on this task of transformation.. and the more focus on my own path I get.. the more focused i get.. that which I create returns energy of like value… what an amazing feeling!


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